Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So many diets = So much confusion

In high school my favorite teacher was a vegetarian and the first vegetarian that I personally knew. I have dabbled in the veggie life off & on a few times over the years. I just laugh at people when they ask me about protein and I ask them if they ever heard of beans, eggs or tofu. ♥♡♥ Then years ago one of my son's made a comment about how he didn't like many veggies but he did like fruit, so he would rather be a fruitarian. Well low and behold, when I goggled the word to see if such a thing really existed. I found tons of "raw food" sites. Those sites came in handy for the many, many years I lived with no kitchen at all. Every shopping trip was sooo easy, and it was fun to watch the cashier's face when she had to weigh & ring up all my produce. ♥♡♥ I have tried Weight Watchers, T.O.P.S., and a couple other calorie counting diets..all for a short time. I either get bored, to lazy to bother with the healthy stuff, or to poor to pay for healthy stuff, or my living situation doesn't allow me a kitchen of my own to do what I want, whenever I want. So at this moment I have ended up weighing over twice as much as I did when I got married & started having my kids. I can't call it "baby fat" anymore because myb baby is 16 & 1/2. Can't really blame it on the sugar-addicted ex anymore either, because well he has been an ex for 16 years, and doesn't buy my food now. ♥♡♥  Now it's 2014, and I turn 50 in March. I don't wanna live with family members forever which means someday getting my own place (wish I could snap fingers and all medical & disabilty issues were done). That would mean staying healthy and taking care of myself. ♥♡♥ Over the years I have heard of different low-carb diets, but it wasn't until this year that I was really really honestly ready to try them myself. Course like any diet, someone will ask "how can you live without.....?" As if whatever you ain't eating at the moment is the most important food in the world. Believe me everyone is different and you can't please everyone at the same time. Heck I have 7 kids and there was no pleasing all 7, most of the time either.Seeing as the LC diets, are still pretty new to me, it has been interesting to read the debates online about how much carbs a person really does "need". That need is different if you are diabetic, a pro-bodybuilder, or just the average joe. Basically I am beginning to think that people are so addicted to any life-long habit that they claim it as a "need". I don't care if that addicted habit is coffee, cigarettes, or carbs. Habits are made & habits can be broken