Sunday, January 23, 2011

I joined Weight Watchers

A lady that works here started a WW group last month, but I didn't join until after the New Year. I officially started out weighing 174.6 at my 1st meeting and the last Tuesday (for my 2nd meeting) I was down 2.8 pounds weighing in at 171.8.

Last week I bought the WW "Ultimate 3-Month Tracker" book and so far have been doing pretty good about tracking everything I eat; which for me is a BIG accomplishment in itself.
I have never been a person to keep a schedule for ANYTHING. Usually I give-up after a day of trying to change a habit.
Luckily the little tracker book fits into the pocket of my uniform apron so I can carry it with me at all times even at work. It helps to be able to immediately write what I eat on my breaks instead of waiting till I get home. My tracker helps me stop & think about what I really want to eat at work as my cafeteria doesn't have the best options.

I have found a site that will calculate points for me, and seeing as I am on a 3-day weekend right now, I will make a list of all my favorite foods from the cafeteria menu and keep it inside the tracker book, so I can make better chooses when I go back to work.
1thing I love about this new "PointsPlus Program" that WW recently changed to is the fact that fresh fruit & most veggies are ZERO points. So if I ever use up my points in a day but still get hungry later; then I can still eat without having to worry about adding to many points. So far that hasn't really been a problem though.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Season 11 started last night--seeing as I dont own a TV, I have to wait until the morning after to watch it on my laptop on hulu. I just finished watching it and ..WOW, this season is sure different then last season. This is the first season I have watched where they had couples/teams. The show has had couples before but I just never watched them.

1 guy started off weighing 507 pounds and another guy admitted that when he watched the past shows he would sit home and judge the contestants when they took off their shirts. Ever since I was little I have also caught myself judging people (in 1 way or another) because of their weight. I can admit that is a hypercritical way of thinking as my diet & excerise level lately is no better then the people on the show. I can come up with as many excuses as the people on the TV show for why I am fat and unable to keep weight off. The biggest reason is...I eat to much & move to little.

Hopefully I am on my way to changing that (except for yesterday). Whenever I am sitting home and feeling bored or just plain BLAH...I will have to watch re-runs of past "Biggest Loser" shows to get inspired again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Desperate for a change

Strange how growing up that no doctor ever associated food having anything to do with how I felt. The only person who came close to thinking there was a connection between food & health was my dad, and he was a high school drop-out.

But I grew up with Rheumatic Fever & Scoliosis and my mother had epilepsy. Those health conditions were beyond anything my dad's knowledge. He just knew and always told us "You are what you eat, if you eat junk then you become junk".

Well the last few years I have become JUNK! I seem to have alot of little health issues that nobody has been able to pin-point to any real diagnosis. No matter what my concern or complaint is, I am told that it's nothing to worry about or just something caused from stress or general over-eating at some event/holiday.

Last year I started to look up Gluten free info to see if it had anything to do with all my stomach aches & bathroom issues. It probably did, but never really gave up wheat. Oh hell, grains seem to be my favorite thing to eat.

Last August, after having headaches for to long and finding it harder to read for long periods of time I finally went to Eye Masters and got bifocals. They have helped alot with the headaches.

This last Fall, I started getting an annoying itchy skin on my fingers..soon watery bumps appeared that I scratched until they burst open and became sores. Then I got bumps/welts on my arms, elbows and calves & heels and along jawline. I assume people must be starting to think I am a junkie because of my constent itching and all the wierd sores everywhere.

None of the health issues I had last year have really gone away, but thats cuz I never really changed my diet. I always wondered as a kid, why a cancer patient would continue to smoke or why a diabetic would eat sugary junk-food or why anyone taking medication for high blood pressure would add salt to their processed food that already had salt added into it. I figured if a Dr told you that your life depended on eating a certain way, that should be enough to change your diet.

Well seeing as no Dr has ever told me anything about a gluten free diet...that must be why I still buy to much bread,crackers and such. But why do I need to wait for a Dr, when I can read the info for myself online and become my own Dr? Shouldn't my own knowledge of my symptoms be enough. I should know my own body better then any Dr. Dr's don't know everything; and I already know that...if I believed everything a Dr told me just because they are "the professional" then I never woulda had 7 kids when every DR I saw had told me not to.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Diet Make-over

I just wanted to post 1 more picture of Maswik Cafe before it closes for renovations. We are all looking forward to seeing the new Make-over in April.
Went and looked back through a couple posts and realized I weighed 168# last Nov 20th & 176.6 couple days ago. So that's 8.6 pounds gained in 41 days, so roughly about every 4 & 1/2 days I have been gaining a pound.
I have been reading blogs & other online info about Gluten-free diets again...seems I was doing that last January too. But I may have even found a connection between gluten and the dry, itchy skin on my arms. WOW, never woulda guessed that gluten had anything to do with my annoying rash. Look up...dermatitis herpetiformis.

I went out to e-cafe today before getting pictures of the snow outside. I ate a salad, corn chowder, yogurt & coffee for lunch. I got the corn chowder just because it's cold outside and I wanted something hot that did not come with bread or french fries.
I should have gone up to the store to buy some apples or baby carrots to snack on tonight. Guess I will have to make a shopping list and do that tomorrow.

my list for tomorrow:
check for grapes
baby carrots