Sunday, January 23, 2011

I joined Weight Watchers

A lady that works here started a WW group last month, but I didn't join until after the New Year. I officially started out weighing 174.6 at my 1st meeting and the last Tuesday (for my 2nd meeting) I was down 2.8 pounds weighing in at 171.8.

Last week I bought the WW "Ultimate 3-Month Tracker" book and so far have been doing pretty good about tracking everything I eat; which for me is a BIG accomplishment in itself.
I have never been a person to keep a schedule for ANYTHING. Usually I give-up after a day of trying to change a habit.
Luckily the little tracker book fits into the pocket of my uniform apron so I can carry it with me at all times even at work. It helps to be able to immediately write what I eat on my breaks instead of waiting till I get home. My tracker helps me stop & think about what I really want to eat at work as my cafeteria doesn't have the best options.

I have found a site that will calculate points for me, and seeing as I am on a 3-day weekend right now, I will make a list of all my favorite foods from the cafeteria menu and keep it inside the tracker book, so I can make better chooses when I go back to work.
1thing I love about this new "PointsPlus Program" that WW recently changed to is the fact that fresh fruit & most veggies are ZERO points. So if I ever use up my points in a day but still get hungry later; then I can still eat without having to worry about adding to many points. So far that hasn't really been a problem though.

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Liz Stevens said...

congrats on your commitment to better health in 2011! I will be cheering you on every step of the way!! I have renewed my own fitness and healthy eating regimen so we can cheer each other on!! :D