Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

Yesterday before I went to work, I was able to go down to Safeway for some much needed grocery shopping. I didn't buy any halloween candy or soda...I'm so proud of myself. Course my friend, Brenda, bought stuff for holiday baking. I told her that if I bought halloween stuff now that I would end up eating it before this weekend was over and have nothing left for halloween, so I have to wait till the last minute. I just keep telling her "that candy is dandy..but only as long as my uniform fits over my fanny".

I will be dressing up again this year and going around the park riding the shuttle buses for a couple hours and passing out candy to all our guests (had a blast doing this last year). But I am buying candy that I don't like...candy corn & butterfingers & payday candybars(can't stand either one) or something with dark choclate that I don't like and won't be tempted to eat. And seeing as my kids always liked stickers and goofy temporary tattoos I will get some of those to pass out here. Whatever left-over stickers/tattoos I have later, will be mailed to my grandkids.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I got a new frig

Well at least its new to me.
A neighbor that lives 2 doors down is moving into a trailer in trailer village, so seeing as she won't need her frig anymore...I got it this morning. Now my old frig stopped working back in April and my old frig could almost reach as high as my knees. This new frig is almost as high as my hips.

Now I can't wait to go down to Flagstaff this coming week and stock up on produce. I have missed having kiwi, fresh berries, melons, yogurt, soymilk and lots of salad mixings everyday. To bad the Summer season is ending because soon I won't be able to get fresh berries in Flagstaff to much longer. But with winter season coming, I will still get to enjoy tons of apples and maybe more yams/ sweet potatoes. Actually this time of year makes me think of my grandmother's garden and her cooking everything imaginable with pumpkins, different squashes, and her homemade red applesauce (she left the peels on), parsnips, and beets.

I also just got a order book for Schwan's this week and will be able to order from them the next time they stop at Yavapai, which will be on the 14th. Unless I spend all my next paycheck in Flagstaff (in the produce section)