Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

Yesterday before I went to work, I was able to go down to Safeway for some much needed grocery shopping. I didn't buy any halloween candy or soda...I'm so proud of myself. Course my friend, Brenda, bought stuff for holiday baking. I told her that if I bought halloween stuff now that I would end up eating it before this weekend was over and have nothing left for halloween, so I have to wait till the last minute. I just keep telling her "that candy is dandy..but only as long as my uniform fits over my fanny".

I will be dressing up again this year and going around the park riding the shuttle buses for a couple hours and passing out candy to all our guests (had a blast doing this last year). But I am buying candy that I don't like...candy corn & butterfingers & payday candybars(can't stand either one) or something with dark choclate that I don't like and won't be tempted to eat. And seeing as my kids always liked stickers and goofy temporary tattoos I will get some of those to pass out here. Whatever left-over stickers/tattoos I have later, will be mailed to my grandkids.

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