Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Salty Lunch

Today I went with Brenda to Tusayan during her lunchbreak. She needed to fill her car up with gas. Then we decided to go to McDonald's which is just down the road past the gas station, seeing neither of us has been there for quite awhile.

After getting our order and finding a booth to sit at, we both agreed the fries were to salty. Well according to the nutrition facts on the trayliner a medium sized order of fries has 270mg of sodium...then of course the workers dump on more salt after they are cooked.

Now Brenda takes a water pill & potassium pill everyday and her doctors have told her to watch out for sodium in foods and to use less salt. Well I guess we both blew that salt rule away today.

My lunch had about 1900mg of sodium and Brenda had about 1650mg of sodium in her lunch.
After skimming through the nutrition list I noticed that the deluxe breakfast has 2150mg of sodium and that's without any syrup &, thats alot of salt for 1 meal.

My lunch also had 1,250 calories. Figured that was also alot seeing as some people try to eat that in a whole day. Guess I shouldn't go back to McDonald's anytime soon.

just sitting home snacking~ had yogurt and Sliced red bell peppers with thousand Island dressing (yes there is to much sodium in the dressing too), but not really hungry for much else.
And I'm not sure how "Tazo Tea" became my new bed-time drink, but I'm having it again tonight. (I don't think there is sodium in tea...but wouldn't be surprised in manufactors added some in just like everything else)

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