Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Well we will finally end this year with snow and the temp right now is -14, that's not a type-o it's 14 below 0 @4am by the time I left to catch the bus it was -24 and when I got to work it was -30 degrees outside...coldest I have ever seen it here.

The buses were late yesterday (12/30) because of our snowy weather. I ended up taking the employee shuttle at 6:30 and then having it get stuck at the rec center. While we waited for help, I went inside and stepped on the scale. 176.6#....YIKES!

Anyways the last couple months I have had a real annoying problem with dry itchy skin that is driving me crazy. I scratch so much that I end up digging sores on my arms. I have always believe that the best way to care for skin was from the inside-out. I also want to see if I can improve some bathroom issues.

So for 2011,
I will really, really try to drink more water,
Decrease my coffee intake
Take vitamins more often
Get in a routine of using Noxema & hand lotion & foot least 3 days a week
Drink smoothies on my day offs (when I have more time to make them and clean up afterwards)
Reread my raw food books & catch up with some of my foodie blogs
Use the tracker items more often on sparkpeople
Make a big salad at work to bring home, whenever I am to tired to cook later

I have a book: The Raw Food Detox Diet and need to really take the time to sit down and read it & commit myself to living by it.
A bus driver and her husband came into Yavapai for breakfast today. Chatted with Rick about his diet...he has now lost about 85-95#. Mostly from cutting out what he called 'JUNK'...mainly greasy fried-foods & flour. Alot of what he said made sense; so now I will have my manager, Bob and Rick both as inspiration this Winter. just a new site I found last night an interesting lady who is losing weight and CURING her own diabetes site I found awhile ago & bookmarked & need to catch up on.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A new me, for the new year

Well it's that time of year again; when people start making resolutions for the coming new year. It never seems to work for me but here I am again thinking about what I want to do differently for the coming year.

Now 1 of my managers has already started on a new diet because he realized while he was on vacation in Vegas, that his pants were to tight. So now he is not eating bread, no pasta, no rice, no crackers. Lately he has been telling us EVERYDAY about how much better his pants fit, and asking each of us if we noticed any difference. Funny because the first Winter I met Bob, all I ever saw him eat was cereal and drink warm water at work. He lost ALOT of weight that first year.(But he also ended up with prostate cancer the 2nd yr he was here).
I think Bob has the right idea of getting us all interested in his diet so we can keep an eye on him.

Anyways I have been whining alot (even more to myself then online) about my weight & health issues...and even though I read alot online about these issues, I don't really change much.
You know that old saying...A sure fire definition of insane is~~if u keep doing the same old thing but expect to see different results. Well I must be insane.

Honestly, I still eat to much crap and never on a regular schedule either. I will either spend a whole day with just coffee & microwave popcorn or I will pig-out at the cafeteria. Then I spend to much time sitting on my butt with my laptop.

I'm not really sure how I can get the energy or the motivation or desire to move matter how many health magazines I read or how much time off from work I get...nothing really gets changed.
So I can tell u that I want to lose 50 pounds next year...hell I have been saying that for years now. Now I gotta figure out a way to really, really do it. Its a little less then a pound a week.