Monday, February 16, 2009

3 pounds down

well, when I went for my weekly weigh-in for the weight-loss competition...I lost 3 pounds and my team lost about 2.35% of our weight, so far. I was pretty happy with my weightloss. Wow, just think~if I could lose 3 pounds every week....boy I would be seeing numbers that I ain't seen in years if I did that.
The weekly challenge this week is just to walk everyday. I'm hoping to get down to the kennels to walk the dogs a couple times this week.

Well I never did get to Safeway to go shopping so my co-worker & I are waiting to start the juice fast. I did get in on the rec center trip to Flagstaff on the 26th though.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

fasting with a co-worker

Now last month, I had made some fresh juice with my juicer and brought some in to share with a co-worker. (think I used to much cucumbers though)
Well yesterday, this same young co-worker asked if I would make more for a whole week. He gave me $20 and a short list of stuff he wants to have in his juice. So hopefully I get down to Safeway (which is an hour away) tomorrow.
He plans on doing his juice fast for a week...and I figured "what the heck¬I'll do this too"

his shopping list consists of:
Oranges (lots)
berries (preferably blueberries if on sale)

Now he didn't have kiwi on his list but I like them in my juice, so I might add them to his juice. For whatever reason he wasn't worried about having apples when I asked him about them...oh well, I usually add them to mine.
So if anyone reading this has any ideas for my co-worker, please let me know.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday~weigh in day

Just my luck, I was up late-late last night downloading pictures that I took yesterday and playing pogo games online, so as usual I got the munchies while sitting at the computer. Yes I knew I would be weighing in today at the rec center, but I ate 4 choclate covered pretzle rods that Brenda made anyways. I also had dinner at Brenda's last night and had a soda.
**reminder to self**

I finally walked up to the rec center to get weighed after 1pm today. I lost 1 pound this week...ok losing is better the gaining in this situation. But I know I need to do better next week. I have to push myself to drink more water and really need to commit myself to going down to the kennel to walk the dogs (which I didn't do at all this last week).

I think Brenda & I will be going back to Safeway in Williams next Friday...hopefully they still have fresh strawberries on sale. I also hope their bell peppers are cheaper then the general store here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Biggest Loser~Grand Canyon style #2

Ok, today I went to the kick-off meeting for our new weight-loss contest. I did this last Summer also, but hope to do ALOT better this time. In fact if anyone is reading this blog that is also in the same contest here at the Grand out for the team called "Maswik Munchers" because I am determined to kick butt this time (probably my own mostly).

This years contest is a little different as each team (3 people on each team) will get points for...weighing in AND losing weight...going to an activity or lecture...completing a challenge (this week drinking 8 glasses of water everyday)....and for each hour we volunteer to walk the dogs at the kennel or picking up litter around the national park.
Now I love dogs but haven't been to the kennel in quite awhile, so now I have an added incentive to go play with the dogs. I have been drinking more water lately anyways but this week's challenge will be a good way to make sure I grab the water bottles instead of the coffee cups and now that my computer is working again, I also have no reason not to dust off my exercise DVD's.

Seeing as Brenda and I went shopping in Williams the other day, I made sure to get some fruit & raw veggies to snack on while I'm sitting at my computer. The fresh produce will be alot better for me then the boxes of different crackers that I had been buying at the general store here. For some reason I seem to snack more while I'm sitting at my computer then I do at any other time.