Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday~weigh in day

Just my luck, I was up late-late last night downloading pictures that I took yesterday and playing pogo games online, so as usual I got the munchies while sitting at the computer. Yes I knew I would be weighing in today at the rec center, but I ate 4 choclate covered pretzle rods that Brenda made anyways. I also had dinner at Brenda's last night and had a soda.
**reminder to self**

I finally walked up to the rec center to get weighed after 1pm today. I lost 1 pound this week...ok losing is better the gaining in this situation. But I know I need to do better next week. I have to push myself to drink more water and really need to commit myself to going down to the kennel to walk the dogs (which I didn't do at all this last week).

I think Brenda & I will be going back to Safeway in Williams next Friday...hopefully they still have fresh strawberries on sale. I also hope their bell peppers are cheaper then the general store here.

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cindy said...

I know. I hate it when I eat at night. I feel so much better the next day when I don't. It's just hard to feel "the space" at night and just be.

Be. Without putting something down the ole hatch, huh?

Good luck this week. Hope you make it out to the kennel!