Thursday, September 30, 2010

work-outs might be affecting my job

My co-workers have always thought I was nuts for getting up so early in the morning. I don't have to catch the bus until about 5:10am, but I am up anywhere between 1am-4am. I don't use an alarm clock and still manage to get to work on time and in a good mood.
If its not cold/windy outside I can take the jumprope out into the parking lot for a few minutes...I live on the top floor so it's not a good idea to stay in my room at that time with a jumprope.
This morning I finally watched the latest Biggest Loser show on hulu.comand then did 1/2 of a Biggest Loser DVD.
Now just this week someone asked where the "real" me was...LOL
You see I even have more patience with guests in our cafeteria and would run around grabbing condiments for people instead of just telling them where they can go find it.
There are a few hours during the day, when business slows down and I usually got bored to death. So this week I have started doing easy-simple stretches right in the dining room...course now my co-workers are thinking I have totally lost my mind.
I am even going to start keeping track again on what I am eating (the green book in middle of pic is my food tracker). Mostly I have to learn not to drink so much coffee or Raspberry Ice tea at work.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Summer season is almost over....actually its been windy outside this last week
and in the mid-high 70's during the daytime.

ok, recently I stepped on the scales and found out my weight has crept back up
to 175#. So this week I spent some time in Flagstaff,AZ and went to a couple new
places to eat. Now mostly what I ate was vegetarian food and it was all yummy:
even had couscous with almonds & fruit for breakfast at Macy's coffeehouse. Had
lots of veggie sandwiches/wraps for lunch & dinners. My 1 splurge was a teeny
slice of peach cheesecake at Macy's last night.

Now during Fall season, the produce section of the stores will be changing a bit
again. So I will be able to get more zucchini, squash, broccoli, grapes, pomegranates,
pears & yams/sweet potatoes now. Supposedly Guava is a Fall season fruit so I think
its about time I try that. Luckily Bell peppers, carrots & avocados are available
year-round because I love all 3 of those.
So if anyone has yummy recipes for squash please pass them on...remember I live in a
dorm-style room without a kitchen....meaning I don't have a stovetop or oven but I do have a rice cooker & crockpot that I should start using again.

Business at work has been slowing down, which means that I will have more time to go
walking...will just have to remember to carry my jacket around more often in case I
get sent home early.

For September:
I will drink more water & less coffee
Eat more Salad at work
snack on grapes or frozen fruit (like in my background pic) instead of boxed
Go for a walk couple days a week