Saturday, January 1, 2011

Diet Make-over

I just wanted to post 1 more picture of Maswik Cafe before it closes for renovations. We are all looking forward to seeing the new Make-over in April.
Went and looked back through a couple posts and realized I weighed 168# last Nov 20th & 176.6 couple days ago. So that's 8.6 pounds gained in 41 days, so roughly about every 4 & 1/2 days I have been gaining a pound.
I have been reading blogs & other online info about Gluten-free diets again...seems I was doing that last January too. But I may have even found a connection between gluten and the dry, itchy skin on my arms. WOW, never woulda guessed that gluten had anything to do with my annoying rash. Look up...dermatitis herpetiformis.

I went out to e-cafe today before getting pictures of the snow outside. I ate a salad, corn chowder, yogurt & coffee for lunch. I got the corn chowder just because it's cold outside and I wanted something hot that did not come with bread or french fries.
I should have gone up to the store to buy some apples or baby carrots to snack on tonight. Guess I will have to make a shopping list and do that tomorrow.

my list for tomorrow:
check for grapes
baby carrots

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