Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Season 11 started last night--seeing as I dont own a TV, I have to wait until the morning after to watch it on my laptop on hulu. I just finished watching it and ..WOW, this season is sure different then last season. This is the first season I have watched where they had couples/teams. The show has had couples before but I just never watched them.

1 guy started off weighing 507 pounds and another guy admitted that when he watched the past shows he would sit home and judge the contestants when they took off their shirts. Ever since I was little I have also caught myself judging people (in 1 way or another) because of their weight. I can admit that is a hypercritical way of thinking as my diet & excerise level lately is no better then the people on the show. I can come up with as many excuses as the people on the TV show for why I am fat and unable to keep weight off. The biggest reason is...I eat to much & move to little.

Hopefully I am on my way to changing that (except for yesterday). Whenever I am sitting home and feeling bored or just plain BLAH...I will have to watch re-runs of past "Biggest Loser" shows to get inspired again.

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