Sunday, November 23, 2008


I found larabars in the general store last year and fell in love with them. They have absolutely no man-made chemicals in preservatives or artificial colorings. But now the general store doesn't sell them anymore so I have order them online. I get the gingersnap flavored ones automatically delivered every month now. I also had 2 boxes (cashew cookie & ginersnaps) delivered to Kevin in NH and he liked them also.
Ingredients: Cashews, Dates
Cashew Cookie — two ingredients, one incredible flavor! The unprocessed, creamy cashews are rich in iron, zinc and B Vitamins. The chewy dates have more potassium than bananas. Together they form a bar rich in fiber with 2 grams of heart-healthy Omega-6 fatty acids and 15 essential vitamins and minerals. So much sustaining nourishment in such a simple recipe.
Are cashews and cocoa truly raw?
Heat steaming is often used to extract cashews from the fruit of the tree, leaving behind a toxic residue that can make the nut unsafe to eat. It's unknown whether or not the nut is actually heated during the process, which is at the center of the raw food debate. Regardless, we feel that cashews are healthful and fit into a raw food diet.
The same goes for cocoa powder, which is ground from a roasted bean. Chocolate Coconut LäraBar uses cocoa powder mainly as a spice. But in our opinion, the health benefits, including high antioxidant content, far outweigh the fact that cocoa has been heated.
Now I used to eat Luna bars & Clif bars, which are both good but have man-made stuff added to them. So even though Larabars might be higher in sugar (think cashew cookie flavor has the least amount of sugar)...larabars are 100% natural and I like that. There's still a few flavors I ain't tried yet....but I will.

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