Sunday, March 1, 2009

Butt into gear

Well I went in for my weigh-in on Saturday I gained another pound. The 3 pounds I lost a couple weeks ago are now found. Now when I have gone with my friend, Brenda, to the clinic for her physical therapy session I remember them telling her that a person gains weight (water weight) from not moving...not exactly sure how that happens though.

So I guess I'll admit that I didn't work-out at the little gym here at all last week, and didn't go walking much on the rim trail like I should and also didn't spend any time walking the dogs at the kennel last month. The physical therapist said I could come in to use the equipment at the clinic anytime. Brenda already said she's thinking of going in on Mon-Wed-Fri's after work, so if I could just go in with her.

Goals for March:
walk the dogs at least once a week

either use equipment at clinic or gym twice a week at least

find some new trails to explore

drink more water & less coffee

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