Friday, May 29, 2009


Well a few months ago, I broke a tooth while eating popcorn. It got infected and abscessed a couple times so I finally had it pulled out this week. Now I hate going to the dentist (and of course don't go often) but the lady dentist at the North Country Healthcare in Flagstaff was great!! Course I have other teeth that need to be taken care of later...after I get on ACCCHS.

Boy if I could go back in time and chance something it would be, "taking better care of my teeth". But for now, its no more popcorn for me.

Actually this week I've been eating lots of applesauce & pudding & ice cream. Yeah not the healthiest diet but easy for me to eat. Starting with next payday, I need to buy more produce and start using my juicer & blender again.

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