Friday, August 14, 2009


Well I've been here for over 2 years...29 months to be more exact. I finally went into a place called "Yippee-EI-O!" Now over the last 2 yrs I have heard a few different opinions about the place. Some good & some not so good.
Well I needed to go somewhere different and figured I would check it out for myself and see why others had given me the opinions that they did.

not so good:
1. CROWDED~to many tables cramped to close to each other and they were busy.
2. sorta expensive: COST~ more then I would liked to have paid.
3. did I say BUSY~they didn't even ask what dressing I wanted on my salad, they just automatically put ranch. And it took a long time for a waitress to come over to take my order.

good~terrific fried zucchini & mushrooms..I had to bring 1/2 of them home
Corn-on-the-cob was good also, just a bit small.
I noticed that there were a couple neat items hanging on the wall as I looked around ( while waiting for someone to take my order)

ok, now unless my normal pizza place runs out of fried mushrooms then I probably won't have a reason to return to Yippee-EI-O! I'm to cheap to pay those prices very often. And if I want Salad then I will go to Yavapai where I can make my own, instead of having a waitress bring me a bowl of iceburg lettuce with ranch dressing dumped onto it. Why don't restaurants learn how to make better salads...and not just this one but all restaurants need to learn that iceburg lettuce is not the only thing to throw in a salad bowl.

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Liz Stevens said...

Oh I so agree with you!! Tusayan prices are outrageous. The new mexican restaurant isn't worth the trip, take my word for it and save your hard-earned dough. If you want a really great salad, you have to go only so far as our own Bright Angel Lodge! They have an awesome chef salad...fresh and loaded with goodies. Their Roasted Pepper Soup is to die for...especially when they drizzle it with sour cream sauce and make designs with it! Wonderfully satisfying on a cool fall night! :)