Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our General Store

It's another snowy day out, so I decided to see what pictures I had on my laptop that I haven't used in a blog yet. I found quite a few from inside our general store (and we only have 1 store inside the National Park). My other blog has pics of the gift sections.

with those prices I didn't buy any yellow peppers.
I think $2.29 is a bit much for broccoli too. Why are Red peppers $1.20 cheaper then yellow peppers?????
Store workers are getting used to seeing me walk around with my camera.
The "Thai Kitchen" & "Tasty Bites" are quick foods for people who only have microwaves, but way to much sodium in them.

Now I have not tried these new milks. I did try the chocolate hemp milk. I don't like drinking it straight out of the carton. It's just colored water without much flavor, but maybe I will try adding it to my smoothies.

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