Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dining out in Flagstaff

This was the appertizer at "Dara Thai~a Thai restaurant down the street from the train depot. This was called "Spinach wrap" I think. I have never ordered it before and was not even sure how to eat it.
Fratelli's is just down the street (past Biffs Bagels) from the hostel. I liked the fact I could get Zucchini on my pizza but I wasn't thrilled with the crust as it was to thin (which makes it slightly crispy). We can make jokes about policeman stopping at all the donut shops, but now I can make jokes about fireman stopping at all the pizza places....They parked a huge firetruck right outside the door of Fratelli's so 2 firemen could walk in and order food.

My last night in Flagstaff I went to "Altitudes Bar & Grill". Cozy place, friendly staff, yummy food and some corny old entertainment...all set in 1 of Flagstaff's historical buildings.
The picture above is Honey & Walnut Crusted Salmon over a bed of Pasta with veggies...the veggies were bad I couldn't say the same for the toast that is sitting on the side.

There were a few other new places in town that I found (at least new to me) and when I go back to Flagstaff next week, I will try a few more new things.

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