Friday, November 26, 2010

35 more days

35 days...that's what is left for 2010

Then of course everyone will go around asking everyone else "Whats your New Year's resolution?" Actually I think its silly. I could make 1 now and already have it shattered by the time the New Year even gets here.
I should make the resolution to just not eat as much for Christmas as I apparently did for Thanksgiving this week. I don't want heartburn for Christmas. (thank god for a co-worker mixing me up baking soda & water 2 hrs really does cure heartburn)

See, then after Christmas I just might do another resolution for the New Year....actually I should just plan on doing a different resolution every month because a month is about the longest I can go for 1 resolution. So instead of having 1 resolution for 2011, I will have 12.

Oh yeah...seeing as it has been awhile in-between blogs here; I guess I should mention that when I went to the rec center for the craft bazaar on the 20th, I also stepped on the scales and weigh 168# now. I think the last time I checked I was about 175. Actually I can't even remember when that was.

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