Sunday, April 11, 2010

breakfast cereal

What do tie-dye shirts, the Beatles & I have in common...we all exploded into the world in the 60's.
In fact I'm wearing a tie-dyed shirt today as I type this and I have a Beatles poster on my wall.
I've always liked granola snacks and some type of granola cereal that my ex-MIL used to get from her church.
Well I went grocery shopping in Flagstaff yesterday and bought this cereal...tried it twice before and I LOVE it! Maybe next time I'm in Flagstaff I'll pick up the "Flax Plus with Pumpkin Seeds" cereal...which I have never tried.
Actually I could just order both on amazon and have them delivered to my P.O. box.
The Hemp Plus cereal also has a hot cereal variety that I haven't tried yet.

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