Saturday, October 16, 2010

Planning ahead

Well I have the weekend off. Started my day with instant oatmeal and 2 handfuls of frozen blueberries added to it. Got the idea of adding frozen berries to oatmeal from Marge & Bob, when we all went to Washington D.C for Allan's retirement ceremony. Who says that you can only add bananas or raisins to cereal? Good thing I ordered a few boxes of instant oatmeal from Amazon.
Actually today I will save the banana to put in my peanut butter sandwich. I also ordered 6 jars of chunky peanut butter from amazon..

It's better for me to order food now from amazon, then to wait till the middle of Winter when work hours get cut and then have me complaining about not having enough money for food. Or have me eating the cheap junk around the park.

But I will be buying lots of apples, pears and found out that kumquats are in season from November-March so I want to try those too...have seen them in the Flagstaff stores and thought they looked like little mis-shaped tangerines. Actually they are the size of some cherry tomatoes but I guess they pack quite a bunch of Vit A & C and potasium in their small size. So guess I will be having plenty of fruit salads this winter.
I had also seen a smoothie recipe online somewhere (it might of been on sparkpeople) that used pumpkin in it. I plan on using canned pumpkin seeing as I have no kitchen to cook a real pumpkin...and I can use either soymilk or plain/vanilla yogurt. Oh yes, I need to go find that recipe.

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