Saturday, January 16, 2010


Last night I went to bed real early, so of course I woke up super early but it still took me quite awhile to get up out of bed. When I did get up and looked at the time; it was about 4:15am. I still felt tired even though I probably got my normal amount of sleep. I also noticed that my fingers were sore & stiff making it very hard to type this.

Today the Lion's Club is having a sale at the school (which I had told my manager that I would help set-up yesterday but I just wasn't in the mood to go I stayed home all day). I'm still not in the mood to go anywhere, so I haven't even gone up to see what the Lion's Club is selling. That might be a good thing too, because I need to save money for my trip in June.

We have no new snow yet, so I can't blame it on the weather. Some people online have told me that I might have a gluten allergy and all the carbs & salt might be the cause of my "blah"mood & sore fingers.I thought that was a bit a kid, I couldn't eat much salt because I got nosebleeds EVERYTIME. and now if I have to much popcorn or salted nuts then my lips puff up and feel real wierd. But I never thought of salt as affecting my fingers. I had Rheumatic Fever as a kid, so I assumed that when my fingers or elbows hurt it was from that.

But a gluten allergy???? Oh yeah, I'm sure the clinic here would really think I was nuts if I mentioned that. Seems they already think I'm nuts or imagining things when I mention headaches or any problems with my eyes.
Besides if I ain't said it before....I love carbs. Geez, how long could I go without gluten? No pasta would be pretty easy but no bread, bagels or crackers would be TOUGH! Sure I can go a week, maybe 2 weeks without any bread or crackers...but after that????

Guess maybe its time to do a search for "gluten allergy" online.

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