Friday, January 15, 2010

I need carb-control

I got up real early today and just seemed to have the munchies for every carb-loaded item I could find in my room. So I had ritz crackers with hummus, a blueberry bagel and microwave popcorn.

I realized that I have always liked breads/pastries, rice, most crackers, cereals,and sometimes pasta & baked potato. I'm no chemist or doctor but I know that somehow carbs turn into sugar. Now seeing as my dad takes diabetic pills and to many relatives take insulin shots twice a day, and a couple times while I was pregnant I had to test myblood sugar daily for a few months (only as a pre-caution thing). I really need to get a grip on my carb-cravings.

There is no sense in bragging or feeling smug for not buying sugar, if the other stuffI do buy turns into sugar. And no I don't buy fake sweeteners either as they ALL taste disgusting and will give me a stomache ache. I also don't buy agave, maple syrup or rice syrup,or honey or anything else to sweeten my cereal & coffee.

I need to eat less carbs and I'm not a fan of the atkins diet either. I don't plan on buyingan item just because it might have "low-carb" on its label either. Seeing low-carb on a label just tells me that they took the carbs out and loaded it up with something I don't want, like sugar or salt.

~*and just my luck, the Maswik cafeteria is now selling pizza in the Maswik Pizza Pub*~

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