Saturday, January 30, 2010

my food delivery

Wow, I got 2 baskets, 1 box of tomatoes, plastic bag with 5 loaves of bread & granola which is on top.
Brenda can have the grapefruit and some of the tomatoes, cuz I have so many tomatoes I doubt I will use them all before they spoil. I need to figure out what to do with the fresh asparugas that I got.
Guess I'll be having lots of tomato juice (my own version of V-8), homemade pasta sauce, and salads this week.

volunteers putting food into everyone's baskets. We had 25
orders this time.

Amy got this program started up here this
month. She is checking all the baskets to make sure nobody is missing anything.

Had to put my produce into a box to take home.
The mini cucumbers & mini squash are down in bottom of the box.
But oh yeah...I am signing up for this delivery next time too. Food will be delivered every other Saturday.
Almost forgot:
I weighed myself while I was at the rec center today on their NEW scales:
I weighed 165#.....AARRRGGGGGGG where the hell did that # come from?

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